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  • Paradise Welfare Foundation

    Paradise Welfare Foundation

    Render unsparing investment and support to enhance the quality of life of handicapped children.

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    Build a Society Where Everyone is Happy.
    The Paradise Welfare Foundation was established in 1994 under the philosophy of the late Chairman Rak-won Chun for ‘creation of a prosperous future’. The Foundation runs programs for education and treatment of handicapped children, develops and disseminates educational materials, and supports appropriate organizations and agencies.
    Lay the Foundation for Healthy Growth of Handicapped Children.
    With its affiliate, the Paradise Institute for Children with Disabilities, the company promotes practical research projects and takes the lead in providing high quality educational contents and improving awareness of disability. It will continue to play a crucial role in education and art and culture for handicapped people as a specialized foundation that designs creative services for the healthy growth of handicapped children.
  • Paradise Culture Foundation

    Devoted to supporting talented people in art and culture and developing art and culture.

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    Contribute to Development of Art and Culture.
    The Paradise Culture Foundation was intended to lay the foundation for writers and artists, who contribute to society through cultural and artistic activities, to fully realize their talents and support their unique and creative activities.
    Find and Foster Talented People in Art and Culture.
    The Foundation focuses on facilitating exchange of international literature, discovering and fostering promising young artists, and supporting art and culture through various means including the Paradise Award (for the art and culture division). It supports various art and culture programs through public contests every year. All of this is intended to further the development of art and culture and bring about diversity.
  • Museum of Korean Modern Literature

    The Museum of Korean Modern Literature is Korea’s first comprehensive literature museum that was established to preserve, uphold, and develop cultural heritage infused with the spirit of the Korean people.

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    Korea’s First Comprehensive Literature Museum
    The Museum of Korean Modern Literature, opened in 1997, is Korea’s first comprehensive museum of literature. Hand-written scripts, first-edition books, and pictures of writers such as Sowol Kim, Yongwoon Han, Dongju Yoon, and Dongin Kim, who are icons of the 100-year history of modern and contemporary literature of Korea, are valuable references for the study of literature. The Museum holds approximately 1,000 major poetic works and novels written before the liberation of Korea from Japanese rule, including Heartless by Kwang-su Lee, which is regarded as the first full-length novel in Korea.
    Preserve, Uphold, and Develop Cultural Heritage
    The Museum highlights the writers’ passion for life and literature through various exhibitions, including photo exhibitions, and produces videos about writers for use as educational materials at national and public libraries and schools. It will continue to assist writers and researchers in their research and deliver true value to adolescents and all those who love literature.
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