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  • Overview of Paradise

    Create a Higher Quality of Life and a Happier Future


    Paradise contributes to the national economy by the tourism industry.

    Paradise is a leader of the tourism industry that represents Korea. Paradise has steadily grown since 1972 with devotion, consideration, and people-oriented corporate management characterized by sharing. As a pioneer in the tourism industry including hotels, gaming, travel, and leisure, Paradise has developed the tourism industry of Korea and facilitated the growth of the national economy by creating jobs. As a creative company, Paradise is expanding into manufacturing and construction.
    Paradise returns corporate profits to society.
    Paradise is committed to creating a happy future for all of society. The company established the Kaywon School of Arts, the Kaywon High School of Arts, and the Kaywon School of Art & Design to foster talents in art and culture who will open the future of Korea; runs the Paradise Culture Foundation to support people in art and culture as well as to promote art and culture at home and abroad; and operates the Paradise Welfare Foundation to support education and treatment of handicapped children and improve their welfare. With the understanding that the dreams of children are the very future of Paradise, it strives to be a company with a warm heart that fulfills its social responsibility.
    Paradise becomes a global tourism company.
    Paradise is moving beyond Korea and out into the world. Under the Vision 2020 declared in 2012, Paradise is exploring a new development for a company that provides customers with special value and experience. Based on its vast know-how accumulated in the tourism industry for the past 40 years, the company will build Paradise City, the first Korean-style IR (Integrated Resort), on Yeongjong Island by 2017. With a first-class hotel, Korea's biggest casino, a multi-purpose performance hall, shopping malls, and a restaurant of star chefs, Paradise City will become the center of a creative industry that encompasses leisure, tourism, culture, and art and leads the tourism spurred by K-Pop and K-Culture.

    Design Life as Art

    Create New Value to Lead the Tourism Industry of Korea.

    Create New Value to Lead the Tourism Industry of Korea.

    Since it was established in 1972, Paradise Group has grown based on its people-oriented management philosophy. It endeavors to provide satisfaction and happiness in life for its executives and employees as well as customers. We have long developed capabilities in diverse areas including casinos exclusive for foreigners, hotels, travel, and leisure and eventually expanded to construction and manufacturing.

    We have always worked hard to fulfill our social responsibility under the corporate mission, “Return corporate profits to society.” As part of these efforts, we have operated the Kaywon School of Arts, the Kaywon High School of Arts, the Paradise Culture Foundation, the Paradise Welfare Foundation, and the Museum of Korean Modern Literature.

    In 2010, we declared Paradise Way for further innovation of Paradise Group, and we have since strived in diverse ways to strengthen the capabilities of executives and employees, provide differentiated experiences for customers, and improve our brand image.

    Paradise City, Korea’s first large-scale comprehensive tourism resort scheduled to open in 2017, will be a milestone in the tourism industry of Korea. Now, we have an opportunity to move beyond a second advance and become a global player. To be prepared for such possibility, we are promoting innovation of corporate management to break out of the old paradigm and practices across the business structure, business methods, and corporate culture.

    With a vision of becoming Korea’s representative IR (Integrated Resort) by 2020 through such efforts, all executives and employees of Paradise Group including myself share the same dream of shaping the future through innovation with sweeping change.

    We will strive to provide new value to customers by creative management combining art and science and, furthermore, to become a global company to win the heart of the world.

    Thank you.

    Chairman of Paradise Group  Phil-lip Chun


    Corporate history of Paradise

  • CI

    The corporate identity of Paradise Group

    Corporate Identity

    The theme of the Group symbol is ‘a tree of creation’. Starting with P, the initial of Paradise, the symbol represents the Group’s strategy and vision to grow for creativity and innovation, and, at the same time, it embodies the Group’s foundation philosophy to return the results of its growth to society and nation.
    The wordmark is a typographic presentation of the company to represent the Group’s identity encompassing art and science. It was designed to convey classical authenticity and modern refinement at the same time as well as considered all business areas at present and possibility of expansion in the future.
    Artful Enjoyment
    Artful Enjoyment is the design concept of the brand identity of Paradise Group. In order to position the company competitively among world-renowned hospitality companies, it is necessary to hold the management philosophy of Paradise Way and customer value of Vision 2020. Artful Enjoyment is not only a means to present the company brand as unmatched from other brands but also a target image that the brand needs to pursue.
    Rules of Paradise Group CI
    The symbol mark and color of Paradise Group should follow the rules without fail to form a consistent image and cannot be changed arbitrarily.
    파라다이스 그룹 CI 규정
    Symbol Mark Basic form of Paradise Group CI Download
    Logo Type Combined logo type Download
    Signature Full signature
    Color standard Color of the symbol mark
    Rules on availability Rules on availability for each type

    ※ The Paradise Group CI cannot be used without permission from the company. Any use without permission is subject to legal liability.

  • Contact Us

    Show the map to the head office of Paradise.

    Address of Paradise Headquater
    268, Dongho-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea ( TEL 02-2271-2121 / 02-2277-0181 )
    20m from Gate 1 of Dongguk University Station on Subway Line 3
    Dongguk University Stop for bus lines 0212, 144, 301, and 420
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