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    Provide information on ethical management of Paradise Group.

    Vision & Goal of Ethical Management
    Establish a sustainable management system for a global top company with creativity from infinite imagination.
    Principles of Ethical Management
    • - Provide principles and implementation methods of ethical management as well as standards for ethical decision making.
    • - Include economic, social, and environmental responsibilities of sustainable management and management principles of Paradise Way.
    01. Transparent
    A company that ensures fair and transparent business procedures, legal compliance, and accounting
    • - Realize economic value of sustainable management.
    • - Implement the factor of ‘Synergy Oriented’ of Paradise Way.
    • - Achieve clean and transparent management.
    02. Rational
    A company that conducts open management while maintaining collaborative labor-management relations focusing on respect for people and fostering of talents
    • - Satisfy economic and social contribution values of sustainable management.
    • - Realize the factors of Paradise Way: Human Touch, Creative Driven, and Synergy Oriented.
    • - Pursue good company and good workplace.
    03. Contributing
    A company that fulfils social responsibility by active social contribution and leads environment protection activities by applying environmental management to corporate management
    • - Satisfy economic and social contribution values of sustainable management.
    • - Realize the factors of Paradise Way: Human Touch and Synergy Oriented.
    • - Fulfill corporate social responsibility.

    Describe the ethical management system of Paradise Group.

    1. Code of Conduct
    Specific and codified code of conduct for ethical management by corporate members Executives and employees of Paradise Group uphold the code of conduct for ethical management of Paradise as their standard for ethical behavior and decision making. Also, specific job ethics are in place for each subsidiary to apply to work.
    2. Compliance
    Organizations and institutions to perform ethical managementThe Ethical Management Headquarters is an enterprise-wide organization at the Group head office that implements ethical management. The Ethical Management Practicing Network of Paradise, composed of the CEO, responsible executives, and working-level managers of each subsidiary, is also in place. In addition, Paratong, a hot line to report unethical behaviors and provide counseling and suggestions about ethical dilemmas of executives and employees, is in operation.

    PARA 通

    • E-mail :
    • Tel : 02-2271-2125
    • Fax : 02-2277-3862
    3. Consensus by Ethics Education
    Consensus for fulfillment of ethical management via education programsDiverse activities are conducted including online and offline education, publication of information materials, and production of videos for all executives and employees of the entire Group in order to build a consensus among executives and employees.


    Introduce the code of ethical management of Paradise Group.

    Code of ethical management of Paradise Group defining responsibilities for stakeholders

    • Responsibility for Customers
      Set as the highest priority provision of the best emotional experience and maximum value to create higher quality of life and a happier future for customers.
    • Responsibility for shareholders and investors
      Maximize value for shareholders and the company by complying with applicable rules and regulations in all business areas at home and abroad and implementing reasonable and transparent management.
    • Responsibility for society and country
      Contribute to prosperity and development of society and country by ceaseless creative challenges aiming at continuing growth.
    • Responsibility for business partners and market
      Conduct all competition and transactions by fair and transparent methods in accordance with the order of free competition market.
    • Responsibility for the company and members
      Establish the value of the Paradise Way and ethical management based on respect for people and mutual confidence and maintain honor and dignity as a member of Paradise while always being polite to each other and upholding pride and esteem. Each member of Paradise Group should faithfully fulfill his or her duty granted by the company by continuous self-development and the highest ethics and responsibility.
    • Protection and management of information and property
      Corporate and customer information cannot be leaked nor disclosed without prior legal approval, and no illegal interests can be acquired by such abuse.

    Paratong facilitates healthy and transparent growth of Paradise Group.

    We are Paratong.
    Hello! We are Paratong, the report and suggestion channel of Paradise Group.
    Under the corporate vision of ‘Design Life as Art’, Paradise Group ensures fair and transparent management for customer satisfaction, maximization of shareholder value, and satisfaction of executives and employees.
    How Paratong works
    Paratong receives reports from whistle-blowers about Paradise Group executives and employees exploiting their positions by means of unfair business processing or corruption and/or making unreasonable demands. All reports are treated as confidential. Your report is essential for transparency in management of Paradise Group.
    Subjects of Whistle-Blower Reports
    • 1. Embezzlement or misappropriation of corporate funds and receipt of bribes by executives and employees
    • 2. Unfair work processing by executives and employees
    • 3. Abusive or unfair treatment in business transactions
    • 4. Illicit possession of equities of unlisted business partners
    • 5. Participation in personal business or having second jobs
    • 6. Inappropriate behaviors in the organizations or coercion into such behaviors
    • 7. Sexual harassment
    • 8. Other actions in breach of the code of ethical management of Paradise Group or actions considered unethical
    Principles of Whistle-Blower Protection
    • 1. Information on the whistle-blowers should not be disclosed or leaked, except to the person in charge of ethical management.
    • 2. The whistle-blowers should not experience retribution due to their reports in terms of performance evaluation and promotion.
    • 3. If reports result in retribution by a third party or secondary damage, the department in charge of ethical management will take additional measures. However, the principles of whistle-blower protection may not be observed if the report is found to be false.
    • 4. Information on the whistle-blowers may be disclosed partially under prior mutual agreement due to reward, etc. for the report or suggestion.
    How Whistle-Blowers Can Make Reports
    • 1. Via mail or in person: Internal Audit Team of Paradise Group, Dongho-ro 268 100-855, Jung-ku, Seoul, Korea
    • 2. E-mail:
    • 3. Tel: 02-2271-2125
    • 4. Fax: 02-2277-3862
    • 5. Online Report: Visit our web site.
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