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  • Paradise Casino Walkerhill

    Korea’s best casino exclusive for foreigners.

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    World-class Casino Services
    Paradise Casino Walkerhill is setting a new standard for casino services based on 40 years of experience of professional dealers and employees proficient in foreign languages. Paradise Casino Walkerhill seeks to completely enable customers from all around the world to enjoy games comfortably and is becoming a world-class luxurious casino by incessant efforts to improve service and the environment in the business place under the vision of the ‘World’s Best Casino in Service’.

    Visit the World’s Best Casino in Korea
    Located in the Sheraton Grand Walkerhill Hotel on Mt. Acha in eastern Seoul, the casino commands a sweeping view overlooking the Han River. Paradise Casino Walkerhill, open 24/7, is Korea’s biggest casino with 220 slot machines and game tables for baccarat, blackjack, roulette, and various types of poker.
  • Paradise Casino Busan

    The fresh, clean scenery of Haeundae Beach and great luck await you.

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    Haeundae Beach, a Representative Tourist Attraction of Busan, Korea’s Leading Seaport
    Paradise Casino Busan is located at the Paradise Hotel Busan with a great view of Haeundae Beach, one of the representative tourist attractions of Busan. Visitors can relax and enjoy gaming among the great scenery of Haeundae Beach. Its special atmosphere and unique concept leave tourists visiting Korea’s most important seaport with unforgettable memories.

    Unmatched Services Customized for Visitors
    Paradise Casino Busan consists a total of 11 sections, operated over three floors; first floor is open to the general public while second and third floors have private VIP rooms. Enjoy diverse games like Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, Poker and Tai Sai at Busan’s largest casino.
  • Paradise Casino Incheon

    Paradise Casino Incheon is located two minutes’ away from Incheon International Airport, the gateway to Korea.

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    Located Two Minutes from Incheon International Airport, the Gateway to Korea
    Paradise Casino Incheon opened on August 1, 1967 and was Korea’s first casino exclusive for foreigners. Since it is located in the Hyatt Regency Hotel just two minutes away from Incheon International Airport, any travelers transferring in Korea can visit the casino easily. Paradise Casino Incheon offers many different games including blackjack, baccarat, and roulette and various convenience facilities. VIP customers will especially enjoy its safe, luxurious VIP gaming rooms.

    Paradise City, Korean-style Integrated Resort
    Paradise Casino Incheon is continuing to develop and will become ‘Paradise City’ by 2017. Paradise City will be the first Korean-style integrated resort and will be open at the international business complex on Yeongjong Island of 330,000㎡ Business facilities for international conferences, a first-class hotel, Korea’s biggest foreigner-only casino, and a multi-purpose performance hall for exhibitions, a museum, and K-pop star performances will be completed first, and an extension of the casino, a five-star hotel, a spa for general customers, and shopping and business facilities will follow. Paradise City will ultimately emerge as a culture and tourism city as well as an icon of K-Culture.
  • Paradise Casino Jeju Grand

    Paradise Casino Jeju Grand is just five minutes away from Jeju International Airport.

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    Five Minutes from Jeju International Airport
    Paradise Casino Jeju Grand is located in the Grand Hotel in Jeju City only five minutes from Jeju International Airport. It not only provides various convenience facilities but also excellent access to tourist attractions due to its excellent location in downtown Jeju City. Paradise Casino Jeju Grand is a popular destination for both comfort and exciting gaming.

    Tourist Attraction Offering Various Leisure Activities
    At Paradise Casino Jeju Grand, visitors can experience the beautiful scenery of Jeju Island as well as the history and culture of the island through golf, horseback riding, fishing, and tourism. You can enjoy unique and special services at night that only Paradise Casino Jeju Grand can provide. Its luxurious facilities and services customized for customers will make staying here even more pleasurable.
  • Paradise Casino Jeju Lotte

    Paradise Casino Jeju Lotte, located inside the Joongmoon Resort Complex, the representative tourism complex of Jeju Island, provides an exotic environment and atmosphere for visitors.

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    Located in Joongmoon Resort Complex, Best Tourist Attraction in Jeju Island
    Located in inside the Joongmoon Resort Complex, the representative tourism complex of the Jeju Island, Paradise Casino Jeju Lotte offers table games such as baccarat, blackjack, roulette, Tai Sai, and poker as well as the newest slot machines and has private rooms for VIP customers. The supersized multi-screen displays games live, providing even more special enjoyment.

    Various Events and Festivals
    The beautiful scenery shows different colors and elicits different emotions with each season, guaranteeing satisfaction and pleasure that make visitors want to come back. In addition, about 20 events and festivals including the shooting contest, baccarat contest, golf contest, dinner shows, and seafood festivals are held all around the year.
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